Welcome to Entrepreneurville! I’m so glad you came to hear my story and to learn from my lessons as a serial entrepreneur. So often, people ask me how to get started in business and how to stay in business. That’s not an easy question. And there are so many answers.

I’m Amy S. Hilliard, a native of Detroit, Michigan and graduate of Howard University and the Harvard Business School. Having been a corporate executive, single mother and a serial entrepreneur, it’s been quite a journey. I’ve had several businesses, from fashion consulting–Appointments, strategic marketing consulting — The Hilliard Group, to a pound cake company—ComfortCake —“Pound cake so Good it feels like a hug” that gained national distribution on United Airlines, in Walmart and several national stores as well as Home Shopping Network.

With this blog, my purpose is to share the many twists and turns going down the yellow brick road to Entrepreneurville, and the lessons learned from the real Land of Oz. From my own lessons and those of experts and other entrepreneurs willing to share their journeys, you’ll be intrigued and inspired. This won’t be the fairy tale of overnight rags to riches, but the story behind the glory.   From falling down to bounce back-ability.

I’ll be posting once a week, so please sign up to be on our email list and be on the lookout for new posts through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email.

Looking forward to staying in touch!

My best,



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